Thursday, January 17, 2013

God is Good all the Time....

January 17, 2012 (January 18 - Philippine Time) - God is so miraculously wonderful to me. It was my departure going here in the US and I almost missed my flight because the person in the check-in counter will not give my boarding pass unless I will pay the travel tax. Bad thing is I don't have any extra money at all. My money was only good for the terminal fee. There is nobody to ask for help. I just keep on praying and I keep holding my eyes to burst in tears. It was 30 minutes before boarding and I really need to go inside. Also, the people in the travel tax counter are worried on and they don't know on what to do because I don't have money to pay them. Suddenly, a lady who borrowed my pen while we were checking our baggage asked me of how much money do I need more. Since, she was in hurry as well as and she need to go inside for boarding ( we are on the same plane), she handed me $20 and 150 pesos. " I hope that would be enough" she said. Glory to God. I paid the Travel Tax and I boarded the plane. At the Port of Entry, the guy asked me if how much money I have..."I said, 100 pesos".... God used that lady as an instrument to provide my needs otherwise I will miss my flight and we can't afford for another ticket or any other extra cost. Glory to God. He is good yesterday, today and forever.


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