Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Singing the " Prayer"

I didn't watch American Idol since we don't have a TV but my friends keep sharing about her on the Facebook wall and made me to check it.

She had a God gift voice and I wish and pray that she will win and be the American Idol Season 11 Winner.

She rendered the " Prayer" very lovely and made me stop breathing. :) I start liking her and loving her voice.

This scene really makes me cry... 
Knowing that the judges is in favor of her and have confident with her talent.
I leap with joy when Jennifer took the mic from her and told her to seat down and said that " it is crazy". 


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  1. I cried too when I saw it on the rerun of American Idol on channel 9 last week. I was sooo touched by the actions of the judges especially Randy Jackson. He said "this is crazy and America is making a mistake". He too, although born and true blooded American, really appreciated the voice of our fellow Filipino. This post is nice!