Sunday, January 8, 2017

Reminiscing my childhood in the Philippines - Part 1

Happy New Year 2017!!!!

Yes, it is indeed a new year. As what' I've read, it is a year of the rooster. I was born in 1981, so, let's say, it is my year, though I don't believed in it.  I believed that everyday is a gift from God and He is the only one who knows about our future. 

Anyway, January 18, will mark my 5 years here America. Time flies  and I missed the  Philippines so much. I haven't been back to the Philippines since. I missed my family and friends. I missed the comfort of home in terms of foods... Fish and other sea foods are come in handy, and to mention, fresh vegetables and different varieties of tropical fruits. . On the other hand, surprisingly, vegetables and fruits that I used to ate in the Philippines are quite expensive here in the US, especially, in  the Filipino stores. Moringa, yam leaves, mango, pineapple, avocado and papaya to name the few. Vendors might knew that cravenness  for that the  foods that we were eating growing up are irresistible and they are taking advantage of that fact (just kidding). I really don't know of the reason why they are so expensive. Maybe because they are imported from Asian countries? Not really. Me and my husband are growing  moringga tree and yam leaves in our yard. Two of the most consumed veges when I grew up... Also, We've grown pechay and lemon grass. So, I think, they can be grown locally as well. 

By the way,  I missed the simplicity of life in the Philippines. Growing up, our house is next to the foot of the mountain and a river stream...I missed doing the laundry in the river while listening to the river stream flows or listening to the drama on radio. Also, listening the birds singing and yapping, tweet, tweet, tweet. Today, my husband asked me if we were bothered by mosquitoes growing up. We were watching the movie, farewell to the last King, when he asked the question. And my answer to that, was a big Yes..I can hear the mosquitoes buzzing inside and outside the house when the sunset comes... Thanks to our friend Hawaiian frog, or yam frog as we called it and our friend, the house lizards for the help. Their long and sticky tongue are tremendously helpful in catching the mosquitoes

Hawaiian Frog: Photo Source

 I remembered that me and my brothers and sisters, used to put oil on the plate and sway it back and forth to catch the mosquitoes. Yes, the mosquitoes stuck to the oily plate. I still remember my little siblings jumping up and down swaying their plates. But mostly, my mother will start a fire underneath the house. Our bedroom floor is about 3 or 4 feet above the house. It is a typical Filipino house. So, you can actually walk underneath the house. So, that's where my mother put the fire. It is not really a fire with red flame but instead it only emits a smoke. She made it using a pile of coconut husk. The smoke is painful to the eyes or affects your breath, if you breath it in. No wonder why the mosquitoes fly away. Of course, afterwards, our house is full smoke until the mosquitoes. At night, me and my siblings were argue who gonna put the mosquito net up. :) Of course, we will end up putting them together. 4 mosquito net corners hanged on to the 4  nails in the corner of the room.Then, tacked in the bottom end underneath our banig (mat).This is if only  I  slept in our house. I mostly slept in my grandparents house.  We all slept in one room.

Banig(mat) : Photo Source

I've remembered to be sleeping between my brothers. We slept with one family size blanket. Unknowingly, in the middle of the night one end blanket will be pulled by my other brother and the other end will be pulled by the other one. Don't be surprise if one of us will have a black eye the next day. That's because we were fighting about the blanket...:)  Yes, one blanket for all of us and there were 5 of us at that time. The 2 younger ones, were born later.

More stories for follow..... I am sleepy and get ready for work tomorrow.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Visa Pick-up and CFO Sticker

This post should be shared after my interview which was almost 5 years ago. But it did not happened as it should be.

Anyway, I will still  be writing this for my visa journey record purposes. 
Quoted from my last post 
" I went to the next window (I forgot the number of the window) - the guy in-charge in that window will ask you of where to deliver your Visa"
Guy: Congratulations.
Me: Thank you.
Guy: Where do you want to deliver your Visa?
ME: Honestly, I am not sure because I am from Visayas.
Guy: Okay, I will give the address of the Mall of Asia and you can pick up your Visa there.
ME: Okay, Thank you.
*** He gave me the address of the Mall of Asia***
ME: I will be leaving on the 18th, do you think my visa will arrive then?
Guy: Actually, I am not sure... But you are fine.
ME: Okay, thank you very much.

January 10, 2012 (Tuesday) @ 8:30 am - Day of my interview.

January 16, 2012 (Monday) - Still groggy, I got up early, expecting that my visa will be ready on that day.   I've read feedback  that it only takes 3 days after your interview that your visa will be issued. That day will be the 4th day after my interview. 
I called the US Embassy only to find out that they are closed. It was a US Holiday - Martin Luther King's Day). 

I started to get panicked. January 18 (Wednesday) is my flight. And it is early in the morning. 
How about  my CFO Sticker? I needed my visa to have it. Oh no, I wanted to disappear. I can't miss my flight. This is my last chance. Fly now or never.

On the same day,  I called the CFO office, asking if anybody will be on duty at the airport stamping the CFO. The guy from the other end was mumbling and seems doesn't know what to say. Finally, he said, "Yes, usually there is someone there". Unsure if someone will be at the airport on the day of my flight, made me worried to death. Airplane ticket is on hand. Again, I can't miss my flight with the fact that neither my husband nor I have the money to re-book my ticket. I NEED A MIRACLE.

January 17, 2012 - Stressed from yesterday's result, I did not have a good sleep. I got up early and prepare myself to go the Mall of Asia  hoping that  my visa will be delivered early. Again, I called the US Embassy, and nope, my visa is not yet printed. Call them again by noon  and I got the same answer, my visa is not ready. This time I don't  know what to think or feel. Even my visa is not yet ready, me and my cousin decided to go the Mall of Asia (2go office), hoping that it might be there. We arrived there around 2:00 pm, but no Visa for me. Check again around 3:00 and nope. Check again at 4:00 still no... I wanted to cry. Offices close at 5:00 pm. Me and my cousin decided to stay inside the 2Go office after the guy said, that they are expecting a delivery around 4;30. And yes, around 4:15, a guy riding a motorcycle with a helmet on parked in front of the 2Go office. You are right, he is the delivery guy. He pulled some envelopes from his carrying box and gave it to the front desk. The front desk check the envelope packets one by one and called my name.... I feel so relieved... But no, I have to go to the CFO Office. Time check: around 4:35. I don't where is the CFO office is neither my cousin. Traffic in Manila is hard to imagine. I am from Visayas. The front desk gave me my envelope packet after I signed my name. I believed she gave us the CFO address as well. I forgot. Me and my cousin run outside and call for a taxi. I let the driver know about the address and begging him to find the fastest way. We were so blessed we had  a great driver. Traffic was so bad. He did some shortcuts for us to be at the CFO office before 5:00. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mistakes and Forgivenes

What is a mistake?
And what it will break?
He was looking for something that he could take,
Suddenly he was caught and he seeks - Forgiveness...

Forgiveness is you can give and not for keeping,
Cause' it will surely brings you a tremendous blessings.
Blow it to the wind and have someone catch it,
and let it cure a thousand - Mistakes...