Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Faith to Freedom - A Journey of an Introvert Entrepreneur

“Faith is the substance of the things hope for and the evidence of the things not seen” - Hebrews 11:1
The above verse is one of my favorite. In so many cases our faith has been tested. Who hasn’t. We all go through the same cycle everyday and it is by faith that we have gone so far. I put so much emphasis on faith because that how we handle things. See, I grew up in poverty in the farm in the Philippines. Many Filipinos can relate to this, but I would like to share my piece of pie. Poverty is not uncommon in the Philippines. Many children have endured this kind of situation. Some have overcome it and some have used to it and linger for a change. But every situation will definitely leave us a valuable lesson. When I was in high school, having no money to buy food during recess time, developed my passion to read books and eventually I became a regular library user. Then, on my senior year, because I am always in the library, our school librarian entrusted me a key to open and close the library. That was heaven to me. I’ll spent my time in the library reading books while the other students enjoying their 9:00 am “recess or snack time” in the cafeteria. I’ve learned the value of hard-work when I was working during the weekend and summer when I have no school, while my classmates/friends having a party in the beach or do something fun. I have learned entrepreneurship at a very young age by selling charcoal, copra (coconut dried meat) and coffee beans in our town’s market before the first day of school started. These involved finding buyers during school lunch for the next week delivery. Grateful, God used auntie Susan (a manicurist in town). She gave me an offer to buy my charcoal at a wholesale price, so I don’t have to roam around the market under the excruciating hot day looking for buyers during school lunch break. I have to do this for me have my weekly allowance for school while renting a room in town. I regularly made 50 pesos/week. That’s $1 for 5 days. I am very happy if I’ll make more. But of course, I have to give some to my mother to buy our main necessity in the house. I am so thankful to my mother that she allowed and trained me to do these things. Otherwise, I might not value education if I was just having a free ride. I valued my school and education because I worked hard for it. I have to work during summer for me to have money to buy school supplies when the school starts. I have to worked during the weekend for me to have charcoal or coffee to sell to support my weekly allowance and fare to town. Those experiences are very valuable me. They have shaped me to who I am today. I am sharing this to encourage everyone that there is always hope. There’s always a way. Keep that faith burning. I had graduated high school with 1 pair of uniform (1 skirt and 2 blouses). It was too bad that I can’t wear my skirt uniform after graduation because it was to thin, partially ripped and many hand sewn stitches. Oh, I have to mention that our Carabao (water Buffalo) ate one pair of my uniform blouse (my favorite one that matches my skirt) while I was washing our clothes in the river. Can you imagine the devastation I felt that day? Not only that, I have to find a white blouse to wear in addition the one pair that was left. It means, this new blouse will be odd and will not match my skirt. And yes, it was odd and I wore it until I graduated. But those things did not stop me to move one. Reach my dream. Keep my faith in God and keep on going. I have never thought or plan to get stuck of where I was. I love our province but the opportunities are scarce. I have to get out, to explore, experience new things and reach that dream for myself, for my mother and for my younger siblings. I have faith that someday things will change. Then, I met my husband Bob. He is a God-sent. Things changed. Little by little my dreams are getting fulfilled. Married to a good-looking, loving and God-fearing man. Coming to the US. Seeing the place that once I have only seen in the books in the library. I can’t fathom how God hears the desires and prayers of my young heart. I moved here in the US to be with my husband in 2012. But things are different from what we have read in the books or seen in the television. Here, so many bills to pay and we have to caught up with them. To help my husband with our finances, I have tried many odd jobs when I started here. Good thing, he is a good mentor to me and thanks to my friends as well. He believes in me. He believes on my skills and intelligence that I can do bigger things. I had tried working as an Interpreter, babysitter, cashier, watering the plants of neighbors, feeding the cats, dogs,flea market/craigslist/ebay, etc, you name it. Until, I was found by a kind couple who own a business and offered me a job at their company while I was working as a cashier in a produce market. I have grown in the company. I have learned so many things and acquired new skills and trainings.
Until early this year, I got laid off after working for 4 years as an Accounts Associate. Businesses have to make a choice to reduce cost and stay afloat. I am grateful to my past employer/s for the experiences. Experiences that I can use everywhere I go.
Then, my faith is deeply tested once again. Am I afraid? Yes, I was afraid when I lose my job. My husband is self-employed most of his life and cannot work regularly to supplement our income due to his disability. Losing my job felt like, I have been stroke and tossed by a strong wave and waiting to buried deep under the water. But, I have a choice. I can take a deep breath, stay afloat, find the debris to hold on or find that rescue ship. When situations are unsure, we have to hold to our Faith in God. It’s the reason why we keep on going. Finding a new job is a hurdle. The economy is good but finding your next job is not that easy. You have to market and equipped yourself with experiences and knowledge in order to land your dream job. While actively looking for the next job, I came across a Facebook ad same as what you are seeing right now. I was skeptical at first, since I have checked many ads in the past. But when I saw the ad, which was own by my now Mentor, and read its content entirely, it appeared appealing to me. I gave it a chance, registered myself to a free webinar and never looked back. I always have this entrepreneurship spirit on me, so when this ad talked about business, not brick and mortar but “digital”, I gave it a shot. The testimonies from real people on the webinar were so real and they caught my attention. I can see the glow on their faces and the joy of freedom on their eyes while sharing their stories. The sincerity is very different from any other webinar that I’ve watched. They are real people of diversity. I told myself, I have nothing to lose. I have no work, so why not dig in more info about this business. I never regretted that I sign-up for the webinar and join this business. The training are very thorough and opened my world to opportunities. The support from the community of 14,000+ business owners are very sincere and tremendous. Did I mention the masterminds? Yes, I have never seen masterminds so real and full of nuggets of ideas, strategies than this. I am still actively looking for a job. But because of our digital business, sooner or later, seems I might don’t need a new one. Instead, I’ll spend more time with my husband doing together the things that we love like gardening, chickens, fixing cars, fishing and future travels (God’s willing).
Anyhow, this business has been laid out step by step. Very easy to follow. You don’t have to be a techie or an experienced business owner to start this digital business. The 90% has been done and you only have to do your 10%. Get out of your comfort zone. Earn that financial freedom and spend more time with your family. Our lives are not meant to be the 9-5 deal and still behind our bills. We have a choice. We have to keep the faith. Be a doer.
Are you that person who want a change for your family, for yourself, for your community? We want you to check this business yourself. Register for our free webinar and decide.
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Thank you for reading my story and looking forward to have you as our business partner. Have that freedom. Be a digital business owner. Grab the perks that technology has to offer.
See you in the inside. Happy Trails!
Bob & Lyn

Monday, November 06, 2017

Coping with the loss of my niece

Losing a loved one  is one of the most painful event that could happen in a person's life. The pain is so deep. It crushes your spirit the moment you learned about it. Though, I believed that my niece is now resting in the hands of our heavenly Father, I can't deny the fact that I am still hurting. My nieces and nephews are so dear to me. My brother had been texting me, asking for prayers when my niece had a seizure and brought to ICU. When he told  me "she's gone", I could not believed it. I cried like crazy to the point that my husband is so worried about me. I told my brother to check again thinking that the doctor might be mistaken. Or to wait, maybe she'll be revive. I blamed myself for not doing something for her to be brought to the hospital right away. I could not eat, sleep, move and completely weak. I've been messaging my cousins who've lost their mother, sister, brother and husband of how they cope with their love ones passed away. They've tell me the same thing. Cried it loud and you will feel better later. It affected me so much that I missed work for 3 days. My niece passed away 4 days before my birthday. Also, 3 days before her older brother's birthday. I had discussed with my brother that we will have a mini celebration for my nephew's birthday by inviting the homeless children to their house. My nephew's birthday had push through with some children from the neighborhood sharing the meals my sister-in-law had prepared. On the other hand, the pain was too much for me that I had not celebrated my own birthday.  

Below are the things that might help you to cope the loss of the niece.

Praying and Reading the Bible  - Praying  and reading the Bible help me so much to ease the pain. Reading the Word of God, give me an assurance that my niece is with the Lord in heaven. That she is no longer in pain but rejoicing with the angels. That she only gone ahead of  us and I will see her again. Knowingly that her death has a purpose for everyone of us her family.

Talk to the Pastor - Talking to my Pastor after hearing the news makes me feel better. He provided me some pamphlets to read on how to cope with pain and stage of grieving.

Write a Poem - Though the poem I've written is for my niece who had passed but it help myself instead. Writing a poem made me express how I felt about her passing. The things that I've should done with her. Telling her, though she can't see it anymore, how she will be missed and loved. That she will never be forgotten. Below is the poem I made for my niece.

Drawing - Drawing something about and for my niece helped me so much with my grieving. A meaningful drawing that you'd wish that she can see it. A drawing with an assurance that she is in a  better place. Below are my drawings inspired by my  niece.
Talk to you friends and relatives - Talking to my friends and relatives who had gone in the same situation helped me by any means. It made me feel that I am not the only who had experienced the pain. Not only that they are sharing how to cope with grieving but also comforted me to their best.
Acceptance and Letting Go - Knowing that I can see her again, I've been able to accept the truth that she had gone from this temporary place, the world.
Create something for your love one's Memory - It has been 2 years that I am collecting toys for the less fortunate children in the Philippines. Now, I have no plan to stop it but instead will be more into it in Memory of my Niece.

To you who have lost a love one,  it is my prayer that you  may find peace knowing that he/she is in the hands of God and you will see her/him again.

Philippians 1: 21 - For to me to live is Christ and to die is Gain.

I love you Dode. I miss you everyday!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mistakes and Forgivenes

What is a mistake?
And what it will break?
He was looking for something that he could take,
Suddenly he was caught and he seeks - Forgiveness...

Forgiveness is you can give and not for keeping,
Cause' it will surely brings you a tremendous blessings.
Blow it to the wind and have someone catch it,
and let it cure a thousand - Mistakes...

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Hold Onto Your Dreams

Hold onto your dreams
Not too tightly or it might break,
Not loosely or it might slip away
If you don't have a dream yet, be patient
Your dream will find you

Follow your own star,
There wouldn't be a heaven full of stars
if we were all meant to wish on the same one
Know that there will always dreams
that are grander and humbler than your own
But there there will never be another dream
exactly like yours,
For you are unique and more wondrous than you know.